Evolusi Air Kesihatan Terkini, Memperkenalkan Air Selular Berfungsi Kesihatan


Pengion Air Siri HI

    • Product HI-959S Water Ionizer
    • Model HI-959S
    • Size 398(w) x 114.5(d) x 415.74(h) mm
    • Weight 7.2kg
    • Rated Voltage 100-130V, 200-240v a.c 50/60 Hz
    • Power Consumption Max. 150W
    • Working Pressure 0.1~0.5 MPa
    • Working Temperature 4~35°C
    • Purifier
      • Filter Structure: 2 filters system
      • Filter Longevity: 3,6000L
      • Signal for Replacement: LCD indication & voiced instructions
      • Filter Materials: Ultra fiber, π Ceramic, Carbon, Calcium
    • Electrolyzer
      • Electrolysis Method: Continuous electrolysis
      • Generative Capacity: 3L/ min
      • Cleansing Method: 3-way automated cleansing method
      • Number of electrodes: 5
    • PH Levels 3 Alkali levels, Purification, 2 Acidic levels

Convenient One-Touch electronic-type water discharging structure

State-of-the-art technology has been used to install a micro-PCB one-touch control system that enables accurate operation.

Voiced instructions function

Voiced instructions ensures safety and convenience by guiding users through various functions and issuing warnings.

Voiced indicators to guide filter replacement exchanges

Real-time calculations of water flow amounts allow users to confirm up-to-date information on the degree of filter use.

3-WAY Automated Cleaning Function [ Utility Model Patent No. 0409340 ]

Automatically cleans the interior of the electrolyzer to prevent scaling within the eletrolyzer and to protect the product. The water used in the cleaning is safely discharged only through the designated waste-water discharger.

SMPS-type Power Supply Device (Registered Patent No.10-0714055)

Equipped with an SMPS direct current power supply device that is used in cutting-edge products, thereby heightening the stability of the power supply and offering an internal preventive mechanism against overheating.

Employs a Platinum Coated ROUND MESH electrode

Titanium electrodes, noted for being free from elution and for having superior durability, have been coated with platinum using a pyrolysis method, creating a round-mesh form electrode plate that maximizes electrolysis efficiency.

Flexible tube

Equipped with a flexible tube that can be used from any direction, offering users greater convenience.

A convenient open-&-close method (Patent Application No. 10-2009-0064291) & filter exchange structure (Registered Patent No.10-0831027)

Our sliding door opening system and turn-round filter structures allows anyone to operate the machine with ease.

Open-door sensor function

In the event that the door of the product opens during use, the inflow of the source water is automatically blocked off from the product for user-safety.

Language selection function

Users may choose the language of their choice from options including Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese.

Automated water discharge stopping function

After the selection of the function has been made, in order to prevent overflow or spill-over due to mistakes on the part of the user, the product automatically desist discharging water after 10 minutes.

Self-diagnosis function

The product conducts a safety-diagnosis of the installation conditions, and issues voiced guidelines in cases where the conditions are found to be unsuitable.

Highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel material

The use of stainless steel, a highly corrosion resistant material, makes our product especially durable and strong.

Operation Display
2 Filter- 9 Steps Water Purifying System